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Thailand(Bangkok)Amusement & Attraction Parks Expo(TAAPE)
Date: Oct.24-26, 2023
Venue: Hall 11 &12, Impact Exhibition & Convention Centre, Bangkok, Thailand 
Organizer:  Compass Exhibition Co.,Ltd.  
Frequency: Annual
China&International Exclusive Agent: Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group Co.,Ltd.
Booths Number(Expected): 620 booths, exhibitors will come from over 20 countries or regions including Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, German, India, France, Malaysia, Australia, America, Indonesia, Russia, Taiwan, etc.
Introduction of Thailand
National Strategy--Thailand’s 20-Year National Development Strategy has been put into effect with aims to become a developed country by 2037.
Thailand is located in the central Indochina of Southeast Asia, which is adjacent to Burma on the north, Andaman sea to the west, Laos on the Northeast and Malaysia on the South. It is one of members and founders of ASEAN Economic Community founded in 2015, which is consist of 10 Asian countries that will liberalize trade and investment without tariffs. As the core area of ASEAN, Thailand will provide a ideal platform and important market for overseas enterprises for profit.
Introduction of Exhibition
TAAPE 2023 is the only professional Amusement show in Thailand. The show will bring as many as manufacturers producing indoor amusement products for children, mechanical amusement products, amusement products of Water theme park and Carnivals, gathering Bangkok to showcase the latest development of Entertainment and Leisure industry in Thailand. It will attract the companies from over 20 countries and professional visitors from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Burma, China, Korea, India, Taiwan, Netherlands, Russia, Spain and Britain, etc. Moreover, the rising of Thailand’s economy and the growing of middle-class provide a good chance for the development of Entertainment and Leisure market.
With the successful completion of the “One Belt, One Road” International Cooperation Summit in Beijing, the initiative of“One Belt, One Road” has received a positive response from the world, and the business community has also given unprecedented expectations to Chinese manufacturing. In the view of Chinese companies, Thailand, located in the core area of the Indochina Peninsula, has a good geographical advantage and great potential for development under the “Belt and Road”initiative. In addition, as Sino-Thai relations are becoming better and better in recent years, it hopes that with the help of the “One Belt, One Road”,  they could open the market based in Thailand but covered whole ASEAN area even all around the world.
TAAPE, the first exhibition focused on the industry of theme park, video games and Amusement products, will serve as a display window for manufacturing and designing company of amusement/theme park products to enter the Southeast Asian market. It will cover the whole ASEAN area, acting as the most effective trading channel for exhibitor’s products. Starting from Thailand to expand ASEAN, with the center of “Belt and Road”, it will lead more Chinese enterprises into the world.
Related Exhibits
· Video Game Products and Accessories: amusement game machine, simulator, remote control equipment, hit game machine, game machine(GB), arcade, home game machine and peripherals, animation product, online game, carnival lottery machine, interactive game machine, doll machine, gift machine, sticker camera, video game software, various entertainment machines, puzzle and entertainment equipment, various coin dispenser, color version, game console display, display(tube), button, power, game token, power lottery accessories.
· Park and Playground Facilities: roller coaster, skate, Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, bumper, kart, view car, tour bus, ropeway, robot, simulated golf, simulated shooting system, drifting equipment, water slide, water walking ball, touch boat, model, water fountain, fog screen, cold fog system, water treatment equipment, wave-making equipment, extreme sports facilities, outdoor sports, rock climbing facilities, optoelectronic combined amusement equipment, laser, lighting, Pyrotechnics, special effects, motion picture, 3D, 4D film, water screen film equipment, performance equipment, special photographic equipment, special stereoscopic film Projector, vending machine, playground and entertainment center management software, ticketing system, kiosk, park lighting (park light, outdoor landscape lighting, LED display, LED buried lamp), park sculpture, etc.
· Children's Amusement Facilities: children's cart, electric car, swing car, children's paradise, preschool facilities, inflatable amusement equipment, air model, children's game frame, slide, swing, swing chair, turntable, naughty castle, trampoline, seesaw, combination amusement toy, safe cushion, toy, etc.
· Landscape Design: park, scenic spot, landscape, tourism project planning, design and engineering, landscape sketch design, amusement project design, recreation product packaging, entertainment space design, Environmental art, thematic landscape art, green seedlings, garden facilities, garden machinery, flower gardening, animal and plant simulation, rockery stone, sculpture art, wax art, theme art engineering.
Objective Visitors
· Various theme parks, water parks, scenic spots, film and television bases, resorts, leisure clubs, supermarkets, hotels;· Museums, science and technology museums, exhibition halls, oceanic halls, the preparing and operating organization of memorial buildings, property management companies;
· Various theme industry parks and their developers;
· Government planning and designing departments and related procurement departments;
· Various developers of cultural tourism and commercial real estate investment;
· The distributors of amusement products and video games, the owners of game halls;
· The authorized suppliers, manufacturers, agents, distributors and retailers of related derivative products;
· Relevant education departments, schools, professional training institutions;
· Sporting goods dealers, entertainment investors and other professionals;
· Financial, insurance and venture investment institutions;
· Other professionals related theme park and cultural tourism;
· Game developers, operators, publishers, software and hardware service providers, research institutions, game players, etc.
Why us?
· Meet potential business partners, trade buyers, investors and customers
· Generate onsite sales
· Ideal opportunities for Thai companies to introduce new products and also establish widen dealer network
· Connect with new customers
· Know your competitors to keep your competitive edge
· An ideal opportunity for overseas companies to promote their brand and distributors
· The right place and right time to promote brand
· Allow exhibitors to gauge reaction to new product and take consumer feedback
· Get the chance to shake hands with industry experts, influen tial decision makers and clients to discuss the next generation solutions