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ATRAX 24 - Playgrounds and Physical Activity Areas Segment Expanding

ATRAX, the International  Exhibition for Attraction , Park, Sports and Recreation Facilities, stands as the leading global event in the industry, offering not only hundreds of products and services but also solutions for healthier and happier societies. The design of urban spaces like children's play areas, activity zones, and sports areas is currently garnering significant attention in the industry. Therefore, the ATRAX 24  Expo will place more emphasis on playground and sports equipment along with urban social space segments.
The Show will not only showcase products in these areas but will also provide numerous opportunities for industry professionals to exchange ideas and network through collaborations with sector associations, universities, and local governments. Seminars, conferences, and other events will be organized to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking.
Children's play areas, which play a crucial role in nurturing healthy generations, offer more than just fun. These spaces enhance physical activity, social interaction  and imagination while providing a safe environment for young individuals to discover their talents and develop as individuals. Urban environments, especially, require an adequate number of well-equipped areas of this kind. ATRAX, as the leading international trade expo in the sector, places this issue that concerns all segments of society at the forefront of the exhibition.
Scheduled for January 11-13, 2024, at the Istanbul Expo Center, the show will offer a diverse range of products across Halls 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Hall 7 will feature playgrounds, vending machines, and indoor attractions; Halls 6 and 5 will host parks, public spaces, playground, sports facilities, outdoor fitness concepts  and outdoor area protection, fence systems. Hall 4 will be dedicated to  water attraction like pools, spas, and wellness, while Hall 8 will showcase products for garden living, green spaces, garden comfort items, tiny houses, and other pleasure products.
All these themes will be brought together in dedicated thematic halls, creating a unified showcase for participating companies. This approach will enable companies to reach their target audiences, including local governments, planners, investors, architects, schools and sector players  all in one place. The collective presentation of all industry players in a connected area will create a unique atmosphere and generate additional synergies that foster comprehensive communication with commercial visitors.
About ATRAX:
The 11th International  Exhibition for Attractions Parks, Sports  and Recreation Industry, ATRAX, serves as the international business platform for the global amusement ,attraction and recreation industry with substantial investment potential. With a vision focused on urban living and happiness, ATRAX brings together all products, services  and projects related to the construction and maintenance of facilities catering to the recreational needs of the city, such as parks, playgrounds, , entertainmet, activity and sport zones. ATRAX provides visitors with guidance throughout the project, design, product, service, and investment processes. From January 11th to 13th, 2024, companies from all around the world will gather at the Istanbul Exhibition Center to showcase their innovations and product developments.