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Splashmania Waterpark,Malaysia
The SplashMania waterpark, located at Bandar Gamuda Cove in Selangor, Malaysia, officially opened on Feb 6 2023. It’s home to a whopping 39 attractions, including a massive pirate ship, bodyboarding rides, and thrilling slides. if you’d like to chill out, check out the beach-like Omba’king Cove or the Ravage River, where you can float down on a swimming tube. Home to 39 exhilarating slides and attractions that cater to families, students, young working adults and thrill seekers of all kinds, this waterpark is located in Gamuda Cove, Selangor. Within close proximity to KLIA and surrounding cities, SplashMania is slated to become an international destination once its doors open.
MNC Park,Indonesia
MNC Land’s theme park and smart city project is underway near Jakarta in Indonesia, with MNC Park set to launch as early as 2024. MNC Park will be one of the largest theme parks in Southeast Asia. It is part of MNC Lido City, a smart city covering 3,000 hectares in Lido, Greater Jakarta. MNC Land hopes to attract international IT companies in order to create a technology hub within MNC Lido City, located approximately 60km from Jakarta. MNC Lido City will include MNC World Lido, a resort featuring MNC Park, Indonesia’s first international standard theme park. MNC World Lido will also feature retail, dining, entertainment and hotels, as well as a golf course and the Movieland film studio.
Universal Studios Japan: Mine-Cart Madness
Announced in December 2023, the Donkey Kong expansion to Super Nintendo World will open in spring 2024 at Universal Studios Japan, with the new Mine-Cart Madness boom coaster serving as the centrepiece of the expansion.The first-of-its-kind family boom coaster will appear to jump across gaps in the roller coaster track and perform other stunts related to Donkey Kong video games. The Donkey Kong Country expansion will include video game-style interactive experiences along with Nintendo-themed food and merchandise.
Dreamworld Australia: Jungle Rush
With little information shared on its progress by the attraction since 2022, the anticipated opening for The Jungle Rush roller coaster at Dreamworld in Australia is late 2024.Ardent Leisure revealed in 2022 the latest phase of its future growth plan, including area upgrades and ride investments of over $60 million. Following the launch of its Steel Taipan roller coaster and the celebration of the Gold Coast theme park’s 40th anniversary in 2021, Dreamworld shared that it would be adding their Jungle Rush roller coaster and a flyer ride along with a new jungle adventure theme land called River town.
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