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International promotion at RAAPA Expo 2024

The Thailand Amusement & Attractions Parks Expo (TAAPE) organizing committee recently attended the RAAPA 2024 event, which took place from March 27-29. The event provided an excellent opportunity for the TAAPE team to network with industry professionals, explore the latest trends and innovations in the amusement and attractions park sector, and promote the upcoming TAAPE event scheduled for Sept.3-5.

RAAPA 2024 attracted a diverse range of attendees from around the world, including amusement park owners, operators, designers, manufacturers, and suppliers. The three-day event featured a series of informative sessions, workshops, and exhibitions focused on the latest developments in ride technology, park design, and guest experience.
During their time at RAAPA 2024, TAAPE committee members had the chance to meet with key industry players and discuss potential partnerships and collaborations for the upcoming event. They also took the opportunity to gather insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the amusement and attractions park industry, as well as to identify new trends and technologies that could be incorporated into future parks.


The TAAPE team is now back in Thailand and working diligently to finalize the details of the upcoming event. This year's TAAPE is expected to attract a large number of exhibitors and attendees from across Asia and beyond, providing a unique platform for showcasing the latest products and services in the amusement and attractions park sector.


For more information about TAAPE 2024 or to register for the event. Welcome to contact us!