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Happy Expo

International Exhibition of Entertainment and Leisure
4th - 8th July, 2019
Casablanca International Fairground

Subjects covered:
Theme Park Rides and Design  
Arcade Games
Children Amusement Facilities  
Water Parks  
and others
Why come to Happy Expo?

Many companies within the Entertainment industry will already know that Morocco is a healthy market.

There are over 40 parks and attractions, of which 10 are big water parks, and 8 are big theme parks. Not only, but countless other venues from hotels, to game centers, to shopping malls, and so on, host all sorts of Entertainment equipment and activities.

The socio-economic stability of the country is not only fine: its' legal framework and the respect of it is also strong. The country is enjoying a a healthy growth in GDP continuously from year to year, and its' growth in Tourism as well is always positive.

It comes to no surprise, therefore, that Morocco is the country where the Entertainment industry has the most growth and success in Africa.

As a result, Private Venture has arrived to further assist the country in growing the Tourism and Entertainment industry, which go hand in hand, and so it is with great pleasure that we invite you to our Business Expo.
Happy Expo is a Business Expo, with a VIP client match making program that would make other fairs envious.

If your company decides to come we will work to make sure that you get face to face meetings with the right clients who need your services and equipment.

There is much space for growth: many projects ready to start.

You can decide to go to a fair where your industry has reached its peak or come to our Business Expo where there is much to do and much to develop!

Our market can go only one direction: up. Join us so you can follow the same direction of the market, and grow, grow, grow!

If that is not enough, you will also be interacting with the already established businesses in Entertainment from Morocco: from the theme parks, to adventure lands,to water parks to big entertainment equipped hotels, and so on, that will be exhibiting as well.

We are bringing you to the present and to the future.

Also, let us remind you that Morocco is the gateway between Europe and Africa, and not only is a great market in itself, but the best starting point to explore the possibilities and opportunities from the whole continent.
Come to Happy Expo 2019, we have the market, we have the opportunities: all we are missing is you.We welcome you to contact us for any information or assistance needed.
HAPPY EXPO 2019: International Exhibition of Entertainment and Leisure
Date: 4th to 8th of July, 2019
Venue: Casablanca International Fairground
Pier Giorgio Costa


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