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· Video Game Products and Accessories: amusement game machine, simulator, remote control equipment, hit game machine, game machine(GB), arcade, home game machine and peripherals, animation product, online game, carnival lottery machine, interactive game machine, doll machine, gift machine, sticker camera, video game software, various entertainment machines, puzzle and entertainment equipment, various coin dispenser, color version, game console display, display(tube), button, power, game token, power lottery accessories.
· Park and Playground Facilities: roller coaster, skate, Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, bumper, kart, view car, tour bus, ropeway, robot, simulated golf, simulated shooting system, drifting equipment, water slide, water walking ball, touch boat, model, water fountain, fog screen, cold fog system, water treatment equipment, wave-making equipment, extreme sports facilities, outdoor sports, rock climbing facilities, optoelectronic combined amusement equipment, laser, lighting, Pyrotechnics, special effects, motion picture, 3D, 4D film, water screen film equipment, performance equipment, special photographic equipment, special stereoscopic film Projector, vending machine, playground and entertainment center management software, ticketing system, kiosk, park lighting (park light, outdoor landscape lighting, LED display, LED buried lamp), park sculpture, etc.
· Children's Amusement Facilities: children's cart, electric car, swing car, children's paradise, preschool facilities, inflatable amusement equipment, air model, children's game frame, slide, swing, swing chair, turntable, naughty castle, trampoline, seesaw, combination amusement toy, safe cushion, toy, etc.
· Landscape Design: park, scenic spot, landscape, tourism project planning, design and engineering, landscape sketch design, amusement project design, recreation product packaging, entertainment space design, Environmental art, thematic landscape art, green seedlings, garden facilities, garden machinery, flower gardening, animal and plant simulation, rockery stone, sculpture art, wax art, theme art engineering.